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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cherokee Specialty Company sell direct to public?
No, our Sales Policy states: We sell exclusively to licensed funeral homes, crematories and funeral supply companies.

Does Cherokee Specialty Company sell to a specific area?
We have limited our delivery area to the state of Georgia, specifically 150 mile radius of our plant in Griffin, Ga. Contact our customer service team at 770-227-4435 for additional delivery information.

How often does your truck deliver within the limited delivery area?
Weekly deliveries are made on your assigned delivery day within a 150 mile radius of our plant in Griffin, GA. Subject to delivery fees*.

Does Cherokee Specialty manufacture the adult line of metal and hardwood caskets to the same high standards of manufacturing as their child casket line?
We purchase our adult units from highly reputable USA casket manufactures. With choices of gasket or non- gasket and economical to highly decorative, we have options to meet every need.

Does Cherokee Specialty stock items for use in Cremation?
Along with all the cremation supplies your crematory will require daily; we stock caskets, alternative containers and cremation trays. Also available rental inserts for most rental caskets.

Does Cherokee Specialty stock oversized products?
We stock oversize metals, 29″ and 33” non- gasketed caskets. Another option is the cloth covered fiberboard caskets up to 32”. We maintain a stock of oversize vaults, air trays and combo trays for your specific needs.

What are the options for personalizing metal caskets?
With our new embroidery machine on premises, our design specialist can create a one of a kind panel. Also we can add vinyl, military or civic decals to the exterior of your metal casket for unique options.

What are the hours of operation for Cherokee Specialty Caskets?
Our office is open – Monday through Friday – 8 am to 5 pm.

What manufacturer’s embalming fluids and prep room supplies does Cherokee Specialty stock?
We stock Frigid fluids and other manufacturer’s supplemental items for embalming. We have a variety of vendors for the prep room supplies. We are constantly striving to locate the most economical and highest quality options to offer funeral homes in our area.

Does Cherokee Specialty offer “green” or natural burial options?
We now offer willow, seagrass and bamboo natural caskets in a variety sizes. We also have urns made from a variety of natural options such as Himalayan rock salt and recycled paper.

Does Cherokee Specialty stock urns?
We stock urns from leading manufactures in the funeral industry. We have brass, metal and wood options. Also available are the biodegradable scattering tubes that come in a variety of colors and designs. Most urn styles have personalization options.

Does Cherokee Specialty have a Return Policy?

Non Customized Items:

Return authorization is required. The Customer has ten (10) days from the day of delivery to return the item(s).  The postmark date is the date we go by on the return. Expedited fees will not be reimbursed (example: Overnight or 2nd Day Delivery). The Product must be new condition and have not been filled with ashes or been used. Items not returned (postmarked) within 10 days from the delivery day are – Not Returnable – No Exception. (We are sorry but we work with many different manufacturers, artists, vendors and suppliers and this is a Company Policy.) Caskets can only be returned if not used. (All items needs to be new and a 20% restocking fee applies automatically).
Damaged Items:
If you receive a damaged item you must notify us within 24 hours or by end of next business day; because we work with many different suppliers and a claim has to be filed with the  shipping company. We have the right to replace damaged items.  You may be required to provide photographed details of the defective/incorrect product and packaging for internal review prior to any action being taken.

Overnight and 2nd Day Delivery Charge Refund:
If the item was shipped and has a delay on the overnight or 2nd day delivery we will default back to the shipping companies policy (UPS, FedEx or any other) and check with them if they will issue a refund. If the delivery company issues a refund the refund will be extended to the customer, if the delivery company does not issue a refund no refund will be granted.)