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“If they ever do my life story, whoever plays me needs lots of hair color and high heels.” –Charlize Theron

Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. Today books and the internet are full of stories of individuals sharing their life story. From a President’s autobiography to an individual’s blog or Facebook page there are stories being told every day. Young and old have a story to tell. Sharing a picture or a quote starts telling a story embracing the emotions of a moment in time.

As a minister I love to hear and tell stories. Throughout my ministry I have performed many ceremonies. Most ceremonies were on special occasions surrounding someone’s life, for example: birth, graduation, wedding, baptism, communion, retirement and death.  In preparation for a ceremony I always wanted to hear the individual’s story (journey) of arriving to this milestone of their life. I would always sit down with an individual and say “Tell me your story please.” This would usually open the door of storytelling that led me through a journey that would cover a wide array of emotions. But at the end I was able to receive insight into what was important to that individual.

However, when it came to planning the funeral or memorial ceremony I may not have had that opportunity before the person died to hear their story. Many times this ceremony was the most perplexing in preparing and preforming. To learn an individual’s story I turned to family and friends. I would ask the usual questions of who, what, when, how and where trying to piece together the life story. In response many times I heard “I do not know” followed by “I wish I had known”.

One’s life story can only be best told by the one the story is about. You do not have to be a great storyteller. It all starts with asking a question, showing a picture or sharing a comment. Have the Talk of a Lifetime is a great place to begin telling your story as only you can tell. How would you want to be remembered? Start sharing your story with those who matter most.


Mike Mims

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